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Spaceship!! (Alpha v0.7.0) Spaceship!! (Alpha v0.7.0)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Cool game this is.

- Needs a preloader, _especially_ since you're loading several sprite sheets. At first, I thought the game had hung at a black screen until I open my dev window (I'm using Windows 7 64-bit pro, and Firefox 43.0.1). I took a look at the sprite sheets, and found a lot of asteroinds, yet I haven't seen any of them in the game. I'm assuming either I haven't reached that far, or they've yet to be implemented in-game.

- I'm assuming "Spaceship!!" is a working title? (:

- The music keeps stopping and starting, so I just muted it.

- Stat system system is nice. I went to your Facebook page, and it answered many of my questions.
"Upgrades will increase in price exponentially at a low rate." Aha! That explains why, even after several deposits into "speed", my ship is still super-slow! (:
You must be designing this game for several days or even longer of play. I just hope it's not all on grinding.

- I was going to say that since the controls are keyboard based, consider making key controls for the audio button during missions. On your FB page, you mentioned the M key for this, so that's awesome.

- Add a way to pause/unpause the game during missions. My bad if that was mentioned.

- Is there any incentive to killing all enemies when you finish a level?

- I'm _so_ glad you can kill the enemies' homing missiles! :-D

- There was a constant lag that occurred throught game play. If I have keys held down while this happens, the actions bound to said keys would continue, even if I released the key. I would need to press and release said keys again to regain control of their actions.

- There is also a lag between the Shot 1 sound and the Shot 1 itself (using Type 01). Occasionally, when shot 1 is fired, the projectile discharges, but I don't hear the firing sound until a short time later.

- Add sounds for hit effects/explosions, firing special shots, collecting H2, and using the Ability, for example. Assuming W.I.P.

- On the ship selection screen:
a). Layout: Consider moving al six ships down a bit, so that 01 and 04 aren't overlapping the bottom of the stats window.
b). The mute buttons are a bit difficult to see. Perhaps add dark back under them when viewing on this screen.

- Player ship should get a big explosion on loss. Assuming W.I.P. again.

- I like the amount of polish added to the game already. From ship tilt on vertical movement, enemy hit effects, particle systems (I really like how the particles are the main color of the enemy that exploded), you put a lot of effort into this. For the player ship and bosses, maybe add "smoking" particles when the health gets critical.

It's an alpha version, so I imagine you're still working on many aspects (including the "coming soon" worlds!)

Good skill on this game.
* salutes *

- Ziro out.

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ThePandaSenpai responds:

1. Yeah, I realized the file size jumped from 10MB to 50MB after adding tons of asteroids and also after getting a complaint the game was stuck in black screen which was in fact loading. So definitely I will add a preloader for next version!

2. Spaceship!! was kinda of a inside joke. I was watching the Lego movie with a friend and we kept saying that to each other for days. XD

3. I haven't heard of that issue. But I'm glad the mute button served you right. I will still look into the issue and try to solve it!

4. Some ships are kinda slow even after bumping tons of money into speed upgrade due to the fact they have a slow base speed to begin with. Also, as the game allows you to go to level 100 of speed that increment had to be very gradual. You can still get your spaceship to a decent speed at a later point in game. If it's still a hassle for a lot of people I will consider changing the numbers a little bit.

5. Good point! You made me realize I didn't add that info to the description! I'ma do it right now! :D

6. Yes, that's definitely in my mind already. When I started this project I didn't plan to make it big so I didn't use states for movement and such. Now it will be a pain to change lots of coding but I won't let you down and I will work on it! (Being able to pause the games feels you with determination.)

7. I'm thinking of adding a grade system based kill ratio and give you extra rewards. There's also a feature on the way called achievements. It's already half implemented. Basically it will count how many times you have killed each type of enemy and it will reward you with bonus to your stats. I do want to link that to Newgrounds medals but as I was mentioning it to another player it seems Newgrounds API Tools doesn't support Game Maker HTML5. I will try to find a way around that...

8. Doesn't matter how many times I do it but whenever I hit the spacebar on Type01 and I see tons of homing missiles seeking the enemy it feels me with joy! LOL!

9. Not sure if that would help but you could try going to options and reducing the number of particles. Also using Autofire might help you avoid that. Autofire shot I and II have two small lamps on the bottom left indicating if they are ON or OFF. I check the code again for version 0.8 and look for ways to boost the performance.

10. That definitely sounds like performance issues. I will check the code for ways to improve it!

11. Indeed a work in progress! Though it's funny how sound can't propagate in space yet we still crave for it!

12. a) I will probably come up with a better ship selection screen. I already have something in my mind for a long time. I gotta sit down and get down to it!
b) I haven't noticed. I will check it out and fix it!

13. How come I missed that? I mean I knew that at first but somehow I think I got used to that. Let me add that to my to do list!

14. I thought of something like a ellipse with a red tint flashing to represent a warning signal when you are at low HP. As for the boss I might add some effects as well. I will see what I can come up with for the next version. I must also say the most of the polishing will be done once the game mechanics and features are fully implemented, though nothing stops me from adding a bit of polish here and there every now and then, right? :D

Yep, I do plan on having the game ready in 3 more updates but that still won't stop me from working on it even further.

I also would like to thank you for spending your time writing this detailed review. I really appreciate it and it helps me choose a direction for the future updates.
I will be looking forward to get another review like this one once I get a new version up again! :D


Give Me The Moneys Give Me The Moneys

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Interesting game.
It took a while for the zombies to come out, though. (:

Things start to pick up once the zombies appear, and all is going well, then I received this message in the console:

"NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
> treechopping.Update ()"

The console also printed this message repeatedly:
"NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Using Unity version: 4.6.6f2

- Ziro out.

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therealgamingturtle responds:

yeh its because i had to build the game a diffrent way to upload it here but thanks for pointing it out i can fix it now

Cube-y Escape Cube-y Escape

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice game.

Consider adding some simple audio to this. Also, when the game is over, I couldn't find a way to restart the game from the Game Over screen. I needed to collapse the window and re-open it.

- Ziro out.

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SuperWerer responds:

Thank you^^

I will make sure I add music and a restart function by the next update.

Aliens Attack Aliens Attack

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice game.

I found few issues/requests while playing:

1). To control the player's ship, you're using the keyboard like a keyboard instead of like a gamepad. For example, when I hold down the left or right keys, my ship increments by one movement, there is a delay, then it resumes moving, just like if you help down a key. The ship should move without interruption as soon as I hold down the key.

2). I can change the score, lives, and level by entering text over them. You should disable input from those TextFields. In fact, they shouldn't be Input type TextFields; change them to Dynamic. Also, the values for score lives and data shouldn't be driven by the content of their respective TextFields. They should be stored as variables. Update those variables, then reflect the change in the TextFields. I also noticed, that I can change the value of the lives to 0, then get killed, and lives changes to -1.

3). When an alien missile passed the bottom of the screen, I can see it momentarily jump to the x-position (while still at the bottom) where the next alien will fire its missile.

4). I can still move after I've been killed.

5). For the font that shows the values of the score, lives, and levels, choose a more consistent font. The font you used for their respective labels looks awesome.

6). The music doesn't seem to fit the theme of the game.

7). Consider adding sound effects to the game.

Other than those, the game plays quite well! (:

- Ziro out.

PapoFuradoPA responds:

Thank you very much! i did this game so many time ago... i even notice this mistakes, but i'll fix it. Thanks for being so polite. See ya!

Attack of the Snuggly Bun Attack of the Snuggly Bun

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice little beat-em up game.

he game started to slow down for me after I defeated about 70 or so bunnies, since defeated bunnies remain on the screen. Even, after my game was over, and a new game (started was playing Standard), the game was still running slowly, so I'm guessing the previous bunny objects still persisted.

Also, I noticed a glitch where one of the bunnies was "sliding" across the screen, stuck in its defeated frame (x-x eyes). This happened after I got hit, and it started my next life on the far right side of the screen, though I'm not sure me getting defeated and/or the screen pan, might have caused it.

I like how the bunny sounds are panned to the left or right, depending on which side they are on. You seem to have made use of volume too, Nice touches.

Got a chuckle out of the bunnies landing. I also like how the AI is not predictable.

Clean looking vector graphics, and smooth animations.

Not too shabby for an old game that you made (or found? (: ) on your machine.

- Ziro out.

Submarine path Submarine path

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nice game.

I imagine English may not be your first language? No worries. (:

Here are some changes to consider for your instructions:

"Move the submarine left and right using the mouse. Hold down the mouse button to ascend. Release the button to descend. This button also fires your torpedoes. Do not crash into the cave ceilings or floors. Collect fuel and oxygen to stay alive. Collect money to buy items at the shop, which appears after each level. Collect a heart to gain an extra life. Shoot the octopus, as they are enemies of the submarine. Use your torpedoes to destroy the octopus."

I like the how the flow of the game continues after getting killed, as well as the grace period.

The game is a little soft on the sound effects. Consider using more exuberant sounds to make the game more engaging.

The vector art is simple, but looks good. I particularly the rocks in the background. I also like the parallax scrolling you have set up.

The gameplay is a little too simple. While I really liked the "boss" octopus that appeared, perhaps add another item, and another enemy to make it more challenging. Also, does it really need oxygen _and_ fuel? Perhaps, consider combining those into one, "resources", or something like that. Also, I'm guessing that when you purchase either in the shop, it allows to gain more of that resource when picked up in the level?

Otherwise, it looks like a good game, and has a fair amount of polish added to it. It just needs to have a little more variety to it to keep it challenging.

Good skill on your game. (:

- Ziro out.

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Destroy The Meteors Destroy The Meteors

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice game.
I like the retro environment. both audio and visuals.

I found three issues with it.
1). Sometimes, my lasers go right through the asteroids.
2). When asteroids blow up, the explosion graphics also show in the upper-left corner of the screen.
3). The scores fail to load at the end of the game. I get the message, "[ERROR] Unable to load scores."

Otherwise, not bad for a 4-hour job.

- Ziro out.

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soyrandom responds:

The explosion in the corner is a bug that i canĀ“t repair, so i need to re-code it XD
I don't know if the scoreboard work when the game is under judgment

Dark Ocean - Browser Vers Dark Ocean - Browser Vers

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice game here.

The main game entities (player, enemies, etc.) are low resolution pixel graphics, which are fine, however, the particles look like they are either high resolution pixel graphics, or not raster, but vectors, creating an inconsistency with the overall look.

The flashing of the background looks to be a vector gradient which is also inconsistent with the low resolution pixel graphics. Consider using dithering and fewer colors for that background.

The explosion sound effect is overdone; sound effects consisting of waveforms would better suit this game. Take a look at a sound tool called Bfxr:
The kind of sounds you can produce with that tool would better suit this game.

You may also want to experience with bitmap fonts to find a font that is more consistent with the old Atari look and feel, which it looks like you were going for. (:

Good skill on your game.

- Ziro out.

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WolfoxYo responds:

One of the best comments ever, thank you for everything! :D

Astroid Adventure Astroid Adventure

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Nice game, but I encountered a bug.
When I die, I get this run-time error message repeatedly:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at Asstroidadventure_fla::MainTimeline/hank()

Using Windows 7,
Flash Player (debug version), and
Google Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m


- Ziro out.

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Music Music

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


An interesting UI to with which to make music. (:

Consider adding the ability to change the scale and tempo. I like how the squares flash when they are played. Have you consider using different colors; perhaps a gradient of boxes that flows from one end to the other in a diagonal fashion (lower-left to upper-right, for example)?

One behavior I did encounter, is when I activated all 256 squares, they eventually stopped flashing when played. When I turned them all off, they did stop, but started up again, even though nothing was being played. Then they stopped (call me crazy, but it looked like they were "resetting" themselves (: ), then they would light up again when I activated them.

Very nice. (:

- Ziro out.

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