DjZeaklous started a thread named The Purpose of Reviews. It has some good information on how to give more helpful reviews.

I encourage you to take a look, if you've not already seen it.

Also, there is a Flash named Whistle Evaluator, by coocooletmoi. It's a quiz-type run of marking reviews as helpful, useless, or abusive. It's a bit short, doesn't show you results for individual questions, and I can't get above 90% (Gold Whistle status), but it's worth a look as well.


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Blast Force

2009-02-05 15:16:51 by Zir0


Ten Hut! >_<

Blast Force is a game that I developed.

It was submitted by my sponsor, arcadebomb. I was simply not a member of this site back then (Oct, 2008).

It includes 6 different enemies, 11 maps, 12 power-ups, a secret code system, and even a sound test.

The engine is designed for tile-based, scrolling type games. I wrote it from scratch, and it is an object-oriented reusable beast.

Used FlashDevelop, and it's all ActionScript 3. Images are all bitmaps (no vector art, no movieclips, no FLAs, no timeline code [because there is no timeline! ]). Uses a "double-buffering" system to do the drawing, and mostly all BitmapData.copyPixels.

Also includes a particle system that I made. The fuse and sparks on the preloader, the explosions, smoke, sparkles, and burst fragments in the game, are all particles. The particle system uses BitmapData.draw, so I had to use it with discretion, as to not slow down the game (too much :-)).

Composed all music and sounds using OpenMPT (formerly called ModPlug tracker). The engine also includes support for "2D" sound. Meaning, I can set up a "listener" object and a "hearing range radius". Other objects that make sounds will be heard by the player, if they are within this radius. Of course, the farther they are away, the quieter the sound. Also, if they are on the left or right side of the listener, panning is adjusted accordingly.

The only thing I didn't do was the Arvis character, which was a contribution from the sponsor.

The engine itself took me about a year to write, has gone from AS1 to AS2 to AS3 (whew!), and the engine and game source code is over 20,000 lines.

As you were, soldiers. :-|

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