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Making Helpful Reviews and Rating Reviews

2009-04-27 18:00:24 by Zir0


DjZeaklous started a thread named The Purpose of Reviews. It has some good information on how to give more helpful reviews.

I encourage you to take a look, if you've not already seen it.

Also, there is a Flash named Whistle Evaluator, by coocooletmoi. It's a quiz-type run of marking reviews as helpful, useless, or abusive. It's a bit short, doesn't show you results for individual questions, and I can't get above 90% (Gold Whistle status), but it's worth a look as well.


- Ziro out.


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2009-05-12 07:43:48

Comon man flash some shit!

(Updated ) Zir0 responds:


Nice of you to send a message my way. (-:

This type of comment would have been more appropriate if sent via PM, as it's irrelevant to the topic. Still, I'll brief ya. ;-)

Actually, I'm currently working on my third game project. This one is much more ambitious than the first two, and will take me a long time to finish.


2009-07-17 15:30:45

Looking forward to see it.


2012-01-08 01:28:01

You have played the first William and Sly, right? They're meant to be extremely relaxing but interesting enough to be immersive, and can basically be considered an 'art' series. The action is added in so the player doesn't lose interest, to expand the story when the puzzles are required, and to change up the gameplay a bit. Also, it is a 'hardcore' Metroidvania series, so of course its gameplay is heavily focused on exploration and therefore rewarding one for doing so. Technically then, the mushrooms aren't easter eggs; they're an incentive to keep playing and are gifts for recognizing the point of the game and exploring around. Your review was great either way, though.

Zir0 responds:


Thank you for the comments and the detailed clarification. Most appreciated.
Also, I did check out the first one, but it was a while ago.

Thanks again, soldier.

- Ziro out.


2012-02-12 18:35:23

How coincidental!

(Updated ) Zir0 responds:

Hey there. (:


2012-04-04 14:22:11

Just saying... i loled at the way you allways say ziro out :)

Zir0 responds:


It's a signature that I've established and maintained for a while.
Most of my posts begin with "Hey.", and end with "Ziro out". If the post is a quick interjection, it may not contain them, or if I end my post with a question, I might leave off the signature (as in my response to Zirocket-8's comment below).

Thanks for the comment, soldier. (:
* salutes *

- Ziro out.